J. Moritz Müller


I'm an UX Generalist with a background in interaction design and a focus on experience strategy and design research. My approach is driven by a method-heavy design process, an emphasis on human-centered design and a strategic mindset. This means looking beyond mere user needs and thinking about the socio-cultural implications of the things we design and how they affect us as human beings.

I believe in Open Education and try to evangelize the value of design thinking to people, companies and institutions. I was part of a research project with the goal of expanding usability and UX knowledge in small software companies and created the user experience of OpenLearnWare – a platform for Open Educational Resources at TU Darmstadt. Occasionally I conduct workshops about »Experience Design for Educators« in university networks.

I did my masters on the subjects of philosophy, ecology and design and ended up with a thesis called »Relating to Nature: Approaching the Ecological Crisis through Embodiment in Design«.